Paleo Weight Loss for Women – Quick Tips on Simplifying It

A paleo diet has been described the best eating program people can get into for optimum health because it works compatibly with people’s genetics. In addition to that, it really focuses on a balanced eating plan which consists of food items that are easily accessible and delicious. It should be simple, but with all the […]

Episode #52: Staying Healthy And Cancer-Free Naturally With Dr. V

Healing your body should be based on concrete science, says this week’s guest, Dr. Véronique Desaulniers. Dr. V has always been, to many people suffering from various health issues, a great source of help on how to heal one’s body. So, when she found out she had cancer, it was a special challenge. However, it […]

Episode #45: The Key to permanent fat loss: Rehabilitate body’s cells

The primary goal of my podcast is to share with you the techniques and strategies that I have learned in my quest to restore my health and improve my fitness. I have been to several seminars and conferences and met many experts who have shared with me the methods they are using to achieve optimal […]

Episode #43 Estrogen Dominance; A Problem For Women, Men and Children

Every single day, you get exposed to a hundred thousand chemicals and substances in the environment and many more from beauty products that  can cause hormonal imbalance within your body. What is Estrogen and just why do you have to worry about it? Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones that work together hand in hand to […]

Episode #38 Food As The Ultimate Answer To Restoring Your Health

Women are made to believe, that we must lose weight in order to look good. Well, our guest for this week’s episode will tell you that it is never your body’s priority to lose weight. Beverley Meyer, a Natural Health practitioner, blogger, podcaster, animal lover and a funny person, has been recognized for her “Outstanding […]

Episode #33: How To Be Your Own Health Advocate With Jennifer Fugo

Your weight issues can also mean you have health issues. This is often the case among individuals who have been struggling to find the ultimate solution to weight loss but have failed due to some unknown reasons. However, it is highly important for women in particular to be better at handling health issues because of […]

Episode #29: Multivitamins and Supplements: Are They Really Beneficial?

You probably grew up taking your multivitamins everyday just like your parents told you, believing they’re good for you and can lengthen your life. Well, guess what? A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine talks about how your standard, synthetic multivitamins and supplements have no significant effect on your health and particularly on your […]

Episode #26: Measuring Your Health and Fitness Results the Logical Way

The reason why most people easily get off track is because they fail to recognize the importance of focusing on results. It is crucial for those who have set fitness goals to know exactly how they are moving towards their goals. Not all fitness programs work so you need to distinguish which ones will suit […]

Episode #24: Your Guide to an Affordable Gluten-Free Diet

Is going gluten-free a fad? I personally think it is nowhere near a fad, particularly for people who are gluten sensitive. People who are allergic to gluten make an extra effort to avoid foods with a high percentage of gluten as an ingredient. This is where the challenge comes in. Most of the time, gluten-free […]

Episode #23: Eccentric Exercise: The Non-Traditional Weight Loss and Fitness Training Program for You

Not all people can freely adopt any type of exercise and readily achieve their fitness goals. These are the people who have been injured or who have been suffering from a certain illness. Last year, I started different types of workouts hoping I could get my healthy body back after a serious shoulder injury. Thankfully, […]