Episode #95 – K.C. Pomering: G-Free Foodie And Going Gluten-Free

                Food specialist, nutritionist, blogger and wellness advocate K.C. Pomering sits down with us this week to talk about her battle with celiac disease, her experiences of going gluten free and the great work she’s doing with G-Free Foodie, an online recipe and advice resource. Battling for a […]

Episode #68 Small Steps To Success

            In this episode I discuss how not to get overwhelmed when you have decided to make a change in your lifestyle. Start at the shallow end of the pool first – don’t jump in at the deep end. Building up little successes will give you the drive to succeed, […]

Probiotic Tooth Paste And Soap Can They Help Your Health?

  This short in between episode I share my results after one year of using a probitotic soap and tooth paste. Can volcanic clay be good for your mouth and gums? Find out.     Here is a Link To This Product The Dirt Tooth Powder PeriBiotic Tooth Paste  

Episode #17: Weight Loss Surgery for Fat Loss or the Paleo Diet?

  Dr. Daniel Stickler talks with us today about his journey from being one of the leading gastric bypass surgeons to his current practice with restorative and regenerative medicine. Weight-loss surgery has been looked into by many overweight people (myself included). While it has helped some people, in long term observations it is not as effective as many […]

Episode #16: Taking Back Your Healthcare

From fatigue to those stubborn pounds that just won’t come off (no matter what we do!), we all know when something is not right with our bodies. Some of us have already tried going the traditional route of visiting our personal care provider for help but end up walking away without understanding what our results mean […]

Episode #15: Getting Kids to Eat Healthy with Stephanie Merchant, the Nutrition Mom

Participating in the revolving dieting plans and the latest workout trends doesn’t always teach you the important part of getting healthy. This week, I talk with Stephanie Merchant, known as the nutrition mom. Stephanie lost 50 pounds and gained energy, clarity, vitality and a lifestyle full of love. She has been featured on The Dr. […]

Episode #14: Exercise over 40: What You Need to Know

Our body does so much for us that the least we can do is make a commitment to give back to it on a daily basis. In this week’s episode, Elizabeth Phinney from FitnessAfterFortyFive.com and co-author of The Experts Success Solution joins me to discuss the gifts we can give our body to make our […]

Episode #13: Joint Pain: You Maybe Surprised at the Cause

The integrity of your feet, the foundation of the skeletal system, says a lot about the overall strength of your body. This week, I talk with Dr. Anthony Weinert, one of Michigan’s premiere podiatric surgeons, about how foot problems may be the surprise cause of many of your health issues. We will break down exactly […]

Episode #12: Women over 40 and Fat loss with Dr. Carri

Finding and fixing the root causes of health problems is one of the most important components of maintaining a healthy body. In this week’s episode, I’m talking with Dr. Carri Drzyzga, known as the functional medicine doc, about how reducing inflammation in our bodies effects weight loss and overall health. We’ll explain why getting tested […]

Episode #11: The Low-Carb Kitchen and Your Relationship with Food

          This week, we’re talking about how to change your relationship with food and the tools you need to make that possible. It took me a long time to realize I had to do this but once I did the benefits were simply enormous. I’ll share with you a whole list of […]