Episode #55: Managing Pain Without Drugs Pluse Electro Magnetic Therapy

FattoFitmyquest.com encourages you to become the CEO of your own health. The previous podcasts are all about empowering you with the knowledge, tools and expert help that you need to take care of yourself. There are numerous ways you can achieve your fitness goals; alternatives that do not make you rely solely on medical practitioners […]

Episode #52: Staying Healthy And Cancer-Free Naturally With Dr. V

Healing your body should be based on concrete science, says this week’s guest, Dr. Véronique Desaulniers. Dr. V has always been, to many people suffering from various health issues, a great source of help on how to heal one’s body. So, when she found out she had cancer, it was a special challenge. However, it […]

Episode #51: Recovery From A Seemingly Hopeless Health Crisis By Changing What You Eat

Not everyone gets the chance to recover from a major health crisis and come back strong and healthy. Well, this is because not everyone is Shawn Stevenson, our guest for this episode. Previously taking a completely different career path before, Shawn his health crisis he  was majoring in finance when he got degenerative bone disease. […]

Episode #50: Essential Oils And Herbs For Fat Loss And Health Learn How You Can Use Them

There are many tools that can help you lose fat and restore your health. Today we are going to discuss healthful herbs and oils as well as something called tapping, which can help mitigate pain and stress. My guest for this episode is Dr. Janae Devika,  speaker, holistic chef, health and nutrition coach, and author. She […]

Episode #47: Depression, Body Image and Fat Loss What You Need To Know

For people with body image and weight struggles, the path to weight loss isn’t exactly a smooth and easy one. In fact, every day is a battle. You have to deal with the restrictions imposed by the diet industry and the frustrations that come along with failing to make healthy choices. Often, this leads to […]

Episode #46: Treating The Underlying Causes Of Disease With Nutrition And Functional Medicine

Every person has their own story to tell about their fitness journeys, and it’s important to respect the path that every individual decides to take. However, it is quite disturbing that some people see food as their enemy. Healing the body’s own internal systems is only possible through and nutrition and self care. My guest […]

Episode #43 Estrogen Dominance; A Problem For Women, Men and Children

Every single day, you get exposed to a hundred thousand chemicals and substances in the environment and many more from beauty products that  can cause hormonal imbalance within your body. What is Estrogen and just why do you have to worry about it? Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones that work together hand in hand to […]

Episode #42 How To Stop Becoming A Workaholic And Ruining Your Health

Have you been trying nonstop to do more and more in your life? If so, it is easy to become a workaholic before you even know it. Too much work will not only affect your lifestyle but also your well-being. My guest this week is the perfect person to describe how easy it is to […]

Episode #41 Changing How You Look By Changing How You Think

We are on our 41st episode this week and just  when  you thought that there was nothing more to learn about fitness and weight loss especially for women above 40, you will discover more and more tips and tools from experts in the field. However, one thing to remember is that even if we follow […]

Episode #40 Find Health And Healing Not Thru Medicine But From The Right Diet And Lifestyle

The scientific and technological advancements we have witnessed over the years have been impressive, especially in the field of medicine. The latest studies and developments have brought hope  for patients with the simplest to the most critical conditions. But one thing that our guest today has learned through her own experiences is the fact that […]