Episode #51: Recovery From A Seemingly Hopeless Health Crisis By Changing What You Eat

Not everyone gets the chance to recover from a major health crisis and come back strong and healthy. Well, this is because not everyone is Shawn Stevenson, our guest for this episode. Previously taking a completely different career path before, Shawn his health crisis he was majoring in finance when he got degenerative bone disease. […]

Episode #50: Essential Oils And Herbs For Fat Loss And Health Learn How You Can Use Them

There are many tools that can help you lose fat and restore your health. Today we are going to discuss healthful herbs and oils as well as something called tapping, which can help mitigate pain and stress. My guest for this episode is Dr. Janae Devika, speaker,holistic chef, health and nutrition coach, and author. She […]

Episode #46: Treating The Underlying Causes Of Disease With Nutrition And Functional Medicine

Every person has their own story to tell about their fitness journeys, and its important to respect the path that every individual decides to take. However, it is quite disturbing that some people see food as their enemy. Healing the body’s own internal systems is only possible through and nutrition and self care. My guest […]

Episode #38 Food As The Ultimate Answer To Restoring Your Health

Women are made to believe, that we must lose weight in order to look good. Well, our guest for this week’s episode will tell you that it is never your body’s priority to lose weight. Beverley Meyer, a Natural Health practitioner, blogger, podcaster, animal lover and a funny person, has been recognized for her “Outstanding […]

Episode #35 Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

I have been getting a couple of questions and inquiries on Facebook and my website from people who want to know more about certain topics. So, in this podcast, I picked a few to talk about and respond to, and share tips and recommendations as well. However, its best to keep in mind that every […]

Episode #30: The Healthy Way To Juicing And Detox

Juicing + detox is all the rage these days, and more and more people are turning to it as a way to fast weight loss. Although green juices with whole fiber included and that are cold pressed can work great for many individuals especially when it comes to getting rid of toxins, it does not […]

Episode #29: Multivitamins and Supplements: Are They Really Beneficial?

You probably grew up taking your multivitamins everyday just like your parents told you, believing they’re good for you and can lengthen your life. Well, guess what? A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine talks about how your standard, synthetic multivitamins and supplements have no significant effect on your health and particularly on your […]

Episode #28: ProCakes: Tasty Pancakes That Are Actually Good for You

Who loves pancakes? Oh I do, but I hated how I felt after eating two or more. For those of us who still can’t help but have occasional pancake days, its great to know that you can now look and feel your best without compromising your favorite comfort food. Caren Magill Myers, our guest for […]

Episode #27: Eye-Opening Perspective on Food and Fitness

Everyone has their own fitness journey. As more and more people becomeexposed to food choices that are limited in terms of nutrient content, the road to becoming fit and healthy has become challenging. Whether it is one’s relationship with food or way of living that causes the turmoil, the effects normally range from eating to […]

Episode #19: Doing Your Body over with John Schaefer

            For women over 40, getting fit and achieving your ideal body can be an overwhelming, intimidating goal. But experience has taught me that it all starts with having the right mindset, as well as having access to relevant, up-to-date information on fitness and nutrition. However, given the huge volume […]