What’s the Best Diet to Lose Weight? This Could Be the Answer You Need

You are not alone when it comes to the struggles of dieting. From weight loss that comes back with a vengeance to food plans that make you want to eat more bad food, many see dieting to shed the excess pounds as an uphill battle. Is there a better, more effective way to lose weight? […]

Episode #91 – Dr. Loren Cordain, The Father Of The Paleo Movement And The Paleo Diet

In today’s episode, we’re speaking with one of the key advocates of the Paleo diet: Dr. Loren Cordain. If Dr. Loren’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the author of bestseller The Paleo Diet and widely credited as a founding father of the modern Paleo lifestyle. We discuss how Paleolithic eating came about, and just […]

Episode #72 Tom Naughton

    In the program this week, stand-up comedian, writer and filmmaker Tom Naughton talks to us about his updated director’s cut of Fathead, a 2009 documentary response to the movie Supersize Me, and to discuss the issues of wellness and weight loss. Are misconceptions about healthy eating harming your chances of success? Could well meaning […]

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise – Is It Possible In A Paleo Plan?

What you eat is the most influential factor that determines your weight. Switching to a proven nutrition framework such as the Paleo diet and making it the focus of your fitness strategy is the single most helpful way for you to be able to see measurable and significant weight loss. The reasoning is this: You […]

How To Lose Weight Naturally — For Women Over Fifty

Losing weight is hard, whether you’re a teenager in the prime of your life or a mature woman enjoying her golden years. Still, everybody knows that shedding unwanted pounds gets harder as you grow older. As you move past 50 years old, your body seems to become even more stubbornly committed to gaining weight, no […]

Why You Should Try The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

Losing weight will be frustrating. Most times it can even be infuriating when all the hard work you’d put in ends up with a negative result: You put on more weight. The struggle can go on, but you cannot give up because you are not alone. And there are effective approaches to your weight loss […]

Paleo Diet Foods You Can Eat Today

The Paleo diet is recognized as one of the healthiest ways to eat. It is meant to keep you lean, strong, and full of energy. You also probably know it works as part of a weight loss program because it is designed for your genetics. But what do you truly know of its nutritional approach? […]

Episode #40 Find Health And Healing Not Thru Medicine But From The Right Diet And Lifestyle

The scientific and technological advancements we have witnessed over the years have been impressive, especially in the field of medicine. The latest studies and developments have brought hope  for patients with the simplest to the most critical conditions. But one thing that our guest today has learned through her own experiences is the fact that […]

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