The 5 Best Low Carb Diet Foods That Help You Stay Lean, And Let You Live Well And Longer

When you think about diet plans, the words “restrictions” and “side effects” might come to mind. One diet plan might limit you to eating small servings of certain food items while another diet might constantly put you in a bad mood. It’s true that when you’ve committed to keeping the excess weight off and staying healthy, certain sacrifices have to be made. But perhaps, the worst sacrifice you can make by going on a specific diet is neglecting the nutrients your body needs.


Just because you need to cut down on some food items does not mean you should also cut down on your RDA or recommended daily allowance of micro- and macro-nutrients. You need vitamins and minerals so your mind and body stay healthy and strong. And one of best ways to do this, while keeping the excess weight off, is to try these low carb diet foods.


  1. Olive Oil

This aromatic and flavorful vegetable oil has no carbs but contains the good fat: monounsaturated fat. But while it is safe and healthy for you, olive oil is best used for dressings and drizzled over meals as opposed to deep frying foods. And always go for the extra-virgin olive oil.


  1. Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables are grown without the aid of pesticides so they are safer to enjoy. Go with arugula, fennel, jicama, celery, cucumber, and bok choy. You can also try broccoli, kale, artichokes, and hearts of palm, although these are higher in carbs than the previously mentioned vegetables.


  1. Clams and Other Mollusks

Clams and other mollusks are so easy to prepare because you simply steam them with a bit of butter and some lime or use them in hearty soups with coconut milk. Clams are also high in nutrients. You can also go with oysters and mussels, although these mollusks are higher in carbs compared to clams.


  1. Grass-fed Meats

Grass-fed means you don’t get any beef, venison, pork, or lamb that has been injected with growth hormones and other similar drugs. In addition, wild meat is lean and contains low amounts of fats.


  1. Fish

Most fish will be low in carbs but try to stick to salmon, cod, trout, tuna, and sardines. These types of fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, a crucial nutrient for maintaining your bodily processes. Also, this nutrient inhibits the growth of prostate, pancreatic, and colon cancers.


The low-carb diet has been proven, through many different studies (which have been published in the New England Medicine Journal, The Journal Of the American Medical Association, and Diabetic Medicine, to name a few), to boost weight loss while lowering cholesterol. So when you make that next grocery or farmer’s market trip, pick the low-carb food items. You’ll not only stay lean but also live well — and longer.

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