Tips for weight loss for women

Weight loss is usually an uphill battle. Many women spend more than half of their lives persistently seeking a diet that will allow them to slim down without having to starve themselves. However, no matter how many diet fads come and go, the extra poundage remains, and it just gets harder to get rid of it as they get older.

If you want tips for weight loss for women, it’s important to get radical. As with most problems, the most effective solutions are achieved when you go to the root. The core issue in this case is the disjunction between the physiological makeup of your body and the current civilization you belong to. In other words, your ancient body is not suited to this modern world.

Weight issue is what happens when bodies that are adapted for food scarcity are confronted with overabundance. For this reason, women are turning to a paleo diet not only for weight loss but for a general improvement in their way of life. It’s true that this particular diet is a throwback, but it ultimately reunites you with the food environment for which your species evolved.

You’re basically designed for consumption of meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts – stuff that hunters and gatherers fed on. Such a diet excludes dairy, grains, and, of course, processed food. It eliminates two leading causes of weight gain: sugar and processed starches. Now, it’s hard to source your food directly from nature, but even when you have to include some commercial products in your diet, you can still adhere to the limitations of a paleo diet.

If you’re in it for the specific purpose of weight loss, the following are some tips to make sure your efforts are successful:

  • Plan a strict initial menu. As you turn it into a habit, you can allow for treats and compromises, but the idea is to start off strong. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to eat and have the right recipe and exact ingredients with which to prepare your meals. Avoid eating out for the time being.
  • Stock your kitchen accordingly. Deliver yourself from temptation by not having any of the restrictions within easy access. Have snack alternatives ready. You’ll be besieged by cravings as well, so have something acceptable at hand to assuage these. If you don’t have a counter-offensive, it would be the easiest thing to succumb.
  • Get physical. Studies say that part of the Paleolithic lifestyle is including at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise. It certainly doesn’t tolerate leading a sedentary lifestyle. You have to partner eating right with enough physical activity to use up at least a third of your caloric intake.

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