The Wisdom Behind A High Fat Diet For Weight Loss

A high fat diet for weight loss… that seems to be an oxymoro . Aren’t those seeking to lose weight typically seeking low fat? There has been a study, however, that shows that a low carb, high fat diet is more effective for weight loss than a high carb, low fat diet.

The study involved overweight or obese individuals with a waist circumference of over 35” (women) or 40” (men), each one a good a candidate for both insulin resistance and heart disease. The participants were divided into two groups: one assigned to a low carb diet, and the other, to a low fat one. Both groups performed the same amount of exercise and reduced their baseline calories to 750. The researchers then waited to see how long it would take each group to lose 10 pounds. The high carb group achieved this goal in 70 days, while the low carb group took only 45 days to achieve the same.

But what about the long-time belief that a high fat diet will lead to heart disease? Fortunately, this has pretty much been established as a myth. To reinforce the merits of the low carb, high fat diet, the study also showed that there was no evidence of any harmful vascular effects in the group that partook of this particular diet.

Still can’t get over the idea that eating all that fat won’t make you fat? Perhaps the following explanation will enlighten you. While it’s true that you can consistently binge on fat calories to accumulate enough adipose tissue to make you fat, this is not so easy to accomplish for two main reasons:

• Fat does a good job of sating the eater, especially when partnered with low carb elements. For instance, a pot roast edged with thick yellow fat is definitely more filling than some bread with butter. You can probably eat a sliver of the pot roast and feel full but you can polish off a half loaf of the buttered bread and still be hungry. As a rule, it’s not easy overeating on a high fat, low carb diet.

• Large chunks of dietary fat consumed with low levels of dietary carbs are easier to access for energy. Studies have shown that high fat, low carb diets are great for weight loss since they promote the retention and even increase of lean mass. This means that such a diet improves the body’s ability to access stored fat instead of lean mass, which is definitely ideal for weight reduction.

A high fat diet for weight loss has at last been shown as the best plan especially for people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

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