Weight Loss: Women Over Fifty on Eating Well and Staying Lean

Some people say that there’s no excuse to be overweight these days, given the variety and accessibility of new treatments, products and medical procedures designed to lose weight. The problems is that most of these options tend to be invasive and expensive, and offer results that are only meant for the short term.

For mature ladies, these treatments may even pose risks to their health. That’s why when it comes to weight loss, women over fifty are often advised by medical professionals to take the natural route.

So why is eating well, instead of drastically cutting your food intake, skipping meals or going on the common concept of a “diet,” the more recommended approach? Why is the Paleo lifestyle embraced by more and more women who are in their 50s — a time when it’s believed to be harder to lose weight due to health issues and changing hormones?

You’ll avoid sugar addiction. Sugar does not only induce weight gain, but it also drives testosterone production in your ovaries which results in acne, hair growth, decreased libido and other problems. By minimizing or eliminating refined sugars in your diet, you can avoid certain conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and premature aging.

You won’t feel hungry. Another reason why you shed the pounds through the Paleo diet is because you feel satisfied and full with the food you eat. Protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, good oils and such make you feel satiated for a longer time, curbing the cravings and helping you control your portion sizes.

It’s woman-friendly. The Paleo lifestyle delivers so many benefits to women’s health that you need as you approach 50 and above. These include clear and youthful skin, strong bones, sharp mental facilities, better stamina, improved sex drive and, of course, sustainable weight loss.

You enjoy the pleasures of eating. The main reason why many diets don’t work is because they’re too unrealistic. When you feel deprived, it’s easy for you to quit or cheat. Not so with the Paleo diet. As you start to eliminate junk food and convenience foods from your menu, your taste buds can focus and appreciate the flavors and textures of fresh, whole foods – the taste and experience of real food.

You enjoy a higher quality of life. Unlike other weight loss programs or diets, Paleo eating won’t require you to obsessively calculate calories, measure your portions rigidly or count the bites you take. Rather, it teaches you to listen and tune in to the very basic needs of your body. With Paleo, you eat to live — you do not live to eat — which many believe is a secret to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

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