Episode #75 – Dr. Jack Kruse On His Leptin Prescription Theory As Neurosurgery Without The Scalpel

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In this week’s episode, we speak to respected public speaker, health advocate and private practitioner Dr. Jack Kruse about his own health journey and the systems he has developed to help others manage their weight loss and health improvement goals. From a twist on the typical Paleo diet to the pitfalls of calorie counting, Dr. Jack tells us how we can make a difference with small everyday changes to our own routines.

Exactly what is the Leptin Prescription Theory, and how does it help with metabolism improvement and weight loss? We discuss the theory and its benefits, and the ways that you can get involved with Dr. Jacks’ wellness philosophies.

A common trap dieters hit is that of calorie counting and regular weigh-ins, which can be demotivating and raise stress levels. Instead, concentrate on cutting out processed foods and replacing with high-protein, unprocessed food plans that bring in the right nutrients and balance your body. Dr. Jack has achieved personal success in weight loss and health regain and has plenty of secrets he can share with the rest of us. Find out new ways to approach your quest for wellbeing and fitness.We also discuss some further reading that listeners may like to undertake. Jack recommends The Fourth Phase Of Water, Going Somewhere, Light Shaping Life and Life On The Edge.

You can find Dr. Jack Kruse online at www.jackkruse.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/drjackkruse

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Melissa: Welcome Doctor Kruse. Thanks so much for taking time to be on the program today.

Jack: Thanks for having me. I appreciate being here.

Melissa: Doctor Kruse one of the reasons I wanted to have you on is because I’ve been liking it after I hear you speak of course at quite a high level at a biohacking conference and I’ve followed a lot of your work. But a lot of people I meet and talk to everyday feel that some of the research and things you did to help yourself, improve your health were successful for you because you’re at such a high level. You’re a neurosurgeon. You’re a man of science. And so delving into these things was more or less easy for you. But I know you have quite an active Facebook group, website, all kinds of outlets online where you actually help people take a different way of looking at their health and restoring their health and getting to optimal health as you talked about.

Jack: Yeah I mean I would totally disagree with that perspective because when I started off, I didn’t even know what the world leptin meant. Leptin was discovered in 1994. I finished medical school in ’93. Never one time in my entire medical school training or residency that went all the way up to ’99 that I hear the word leptin. So for someone to say that they can’t do it because they think I’m a neurosurgeon here’s what I’ve been saying to everybody the flipside of that go to a doctor right now and ask him how to lose weight. What are they going to tell you? They’re going to tell you to eat less and exercise more.

Any fat person listening to this that is absolutely a prescription for disaster. So how really much do they know? And that was the irony for me back when I had my, you know come to Jesus moment, standing at the foot of Michael Angelo statue, when I realized ‘you know what? It’s really not about food, it’s more about something else,’ and when I started putting this all together and I guess I could say due to the addition and subtraction, I realized that I could actually eat more and exercise less and still lose weight. And back then when I thought about it, when I came up with it the idea which was the leptin prescription, I was like man this is ironic. This is like completely counter intuitive. So for someone to say that you need to be a doctor to do this, I would disagree.

You know what I think the most important part is? Is not being dogmatic and be willing to challenge your ideas. Most of the people probably listening to this want to transform and want to change their life, they may be overweight, this is what I would tell you every single month 250 diet books are published. Well if diet was always the answer, well how come we don’t have that answer when we have this many books created constantly and people still have the same problem. This is where this famous guy that, Melissa you’ve probably heard (00:02:38) several times. When Einstein said if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, that’s insanity.

Melissa: That’s right.

Jack: And that’s where I was. Back then in 2005 and 2006 I was at insanity.

Melissa: Me too. Me too. I think I was there before you. I think I was there in the ‘90s

Jack: All of us are there at some point. It just depends on where you get that awareness and you say you know I need to do something different and you can’t be afraid to do something that’s a little bit outside the box because I tell my members on my site, I tell my family this; awareness alone doesn’t enlist any change, it doesn’t enlist a transformation.

Melissa: Right. Right. You actually have to do something.

Jack: Correct.

Melissa: You have to take the information that you’ve learned or that you’re looking into and then apply some of those things. Now you, you focus on resetting leptin basically in your epithelial prescription which is basically a combination of things you applied to yourself and got results and then applied to not only your patients that would come in to you for something related to surgery but to people in your various groups and Facebook and your website and so forth. What, can you give us a little overview of that?

Jack: You want me to give you an overview of exactly what?

Melissa: Of what those, what the protocol would be if someone wanted to start resetting their leptin?

Jack: Well I mean I would tell you the simple thing to do is to just go in your google box, you know on your computer, put my name in and then google my leptin prescription or Jack Kruse’s easy start plan. The leptin prescription to be quite honest with you is extremely simple. It’s only 6 steps that you really have to follow and on the leptin reset easy start guide, step one is to figure out are you leptin resistance? So the cheapest, easiest way to do that for someone without a doctor is look in the mirror. And when I say that most fat people get that message they would be like yeah I don’t have that. But here’s the other part of the story other people don’t realize you can be extremely skinny and be leptin resistant as well. So you can’t assume anything. If you happen to be one of these thin people who have say an eating disorder or a hypothalamic amenorrhea something like that, then you may have to progress or do some other lab test but that’s it.

The second step is simple. You want to follow a strict epi-paleo diet. Most people know about paleo diet. Paleo diet I tell everybody is a step into the right direction. But what’s the big limitation of the diet? Doesn’t have enough DHA for our modern microwaved blue-lit world. And that’s really the differentiation factor between me and everybody else. Why is that important for you to understand? Because leptin fundamentally works on light cycles. And that’s what it’s really all about. It’s about resetting you circadian biology so that you can handle food. One of the most radical things that I think I found in my research when I went from more-than-the-obese man to someone who’s a lot smaller was that I always believe that everything was tied to food because that’s what I was taught in medical school.

Melissa: Great.

Jack: What I found out which was really interesting is that the way light interacts with the specific atom in us called nitrogen is the key, why? Because that controls carbon fluids. So let’s discuss that really easy for someone who doesn’t understand what I just said. Nitrogen happens to be inside a chromosome and a mitochondria. It also happens to be in chloroform in plants. And this is not by coincidence, it’s actually by evolutionary design. So when I realized that light was the key and it determined how we use carbon, remember this is a very counter intuitive things for people to realize but do you realize that trees are made out of thin air.

Now I want you think about that for a minute. It takes sunlight and water and turns it into carbon. Well guess what? You do exactly the same thing in your mitochondria. When I realized that I said well wait a minute, my light cycles are off. That means the way I handle food is completely subjugated to that factor. And that’s when I realized that my light and dark cycles were (00:06:37). So the leptin prescription when you read the six steps, you’ll never going to see the word light. You already know something right now in this podcast that when you read it, you’re going to be like why isn’t it in there, why isn’t it in there, simple. Because I don’t want to introduce you to the crazy world of quantum physics until you realize that these six steps can really destroy your cravings so after you (00:06:57) the epi-paleo diet which is a diet that’s heavily loaded towards seafood, the third thing you would do is you got to eat within 30 minutes of rising. So when you get up, you must eat in that time. We generally want you to eat especially if you’re obese, we want you to eat 50 to 70 grams of protein. Most people are absolutely overwhelmed with that amount. If you’re really overweight, I tell you to limit it to about 25 grams of carbohydrates a day. And if you’re fit, you can go up to be a hundred, a hundred and fifty grams a day.

But here’s the key one, I don’t want you to count any calories and I don’t want you to get on a scale. And the reason for that is when you count calories and you get on a scale, you’re going to increase your stress levels which also happens to be a light phenomenon related to your hormones so I don’t want you to do that. Step 4 is very simple. How you eat and use your fuel is probably the most important thing. There’s no snaking. And when most heavy people hear wait a minute, I can’t snack, I can’t graze and eat nine meals a day like the nutritionists and the dieticians tell us, they’d think it’d be nice I left. When you eat that protein, that 50 to 70 grams every morning, you are going to be shocked because within 4 to 6 weeks your cravings are going to go away. And to tell a morbidly obese person this they don’t believe you. And that’s okay.

I tell everybody when I came up with this, I didn’t believe it until I did it. And always remaining a sceptic is good. And then initially when you start doing this, you’ll be able to eat 3 meals a day but within 4 to 6 weeks most people can adapt to 2 meals a day easily without even trying. There’s a couple of other caveats in there which I get into in the blog post but you know it tells you not to work out before or after breakfast. I’d rather you work out after 5 PM especially if it’s the spring or summertime and I don’t want you to eat anything for about 4 to 5 hours before dinnertime and bedtime because this is actually fundamentally how leptin works. And if you have trouble sleeping because you’re overweight, because most people who are overweight do not sleep well, you want to do about 3 to 5 minutes of body weight exercises. What I would call either push-ups or squats, like in your bathroom, and literally, I’m not kidding when I tell you 3 minutes is more than enough. That’s it. That’s the only thing you need to do.

And there’s some pretty simple signs that you can follow. You look for a change in your sweating pattern. You start to notice that your energy levels rise. Hunger and cravings become much much less as time goes on and eventually disappear. And one of the key factors when you really know you’re cooking with gas is you’ll get up and you feel refreshed and well-rested. You won’t feel pooped all day where you feel like you have to drink coffee in the morning to wake up. Then generally get weight loss faster in the ladies because ladies have that extra hormone progesterone that’s all tied to water chemistry which is a whole separate podcast in itself.

Melissa: Yes. I’ll be back to talk about that one because I’m super into the (crosstalk)

Jack: huge. It’s a huge factor. But in women one thing that is really really common in it, at least in my experience of 10 years doing this and now 5 years publicly on the internet is women notice mood changes easier. They become calmer and more sleepy. And sleep rate cycle starts to improve. And probably the most common thing that I hear from females, especially from my female members that the clothes fit differently even when their weight doesn’t change too much but they notice it, like how their bra fits, how they look in different clothes. They’re kind of like shock about that. And weight loss eventually continues the longer you continue on doing the thing. Here’s the key thing, weight loss in women is a function of something called the redox potential and I’ll give you a synonym for the redox which is I want you to think about it like a battery in a car. The lower the charge of the battery in your car is, the less things would work. And the way I want to look at this an overweight woman is kind of like a car that’s worked for ten years. Every year you put your key in it starts but one day it stops. And then you realize man there’s something wrong with my battery. So what do you do? You go in and open it up and say look there’s no water in it. So you pour water in it. You try the key again and it still doesn’t start. Well what else is in the battery? It’s the cell, meaning the metal that’s in there. So you think it’s okay, I’m going to call my husband or my boyfriend up or my girlfriend and I’m going to jump it. Well you jump it and it still doesn’t start. Most people would say I get that, I can’t jump a dead battery. So then you are left with this conundrum. Do I have a dead battery or can I leave my battery at Firestone and have them charge it for 24 hours and go there. That is the key metric for women’s weight lost. You need to find out is my battery truly dead or is it just run down. And that’s what the redox potential is a measure of. And if you really want to learn about how that mammalian battery in you works, I’ve got a blog post for that too called the redox prescription where it talks about 15 different labs that you can look at, you know from a basic lab panel that your doc may order and it talks about 15 different ways to improve it. But believe it or not the leptin prescription has the big one which is the key most incredible factor is seafood and water. And the reason for that, Melissa you’ll probably appreciate this, is anytime an overweight man or woman goes and talks to a doctor what is the one word that they always hear? Inflammation.

Melissa: Yeah.

Jack: Think about any disease that a doctor talks to you about. It’s got the word -itus at the end. So if you have a disease that’s got -itus at the end, that means inflammation. It’s a synonym for it. Here’s the key thing that you need to understand about the story that we’re developing, anything that -itus or inflammation has a positive charge. How do you get rid of a positive charge, Melissa? Very simple. You use a negative charge. Right? It’s not rocket science. It’s pretty simple. Well, how do you get a negative charge? Every person listen to this. I want you to just think about this experience you had as a young kid. Your mom or your dad told you don’t listen to the radio when you’re in the shower. Why is that? Because if the radio falls in, you’re going to get what? Electrocuted. Okay?

Melissa: Got it.

Jack: So you got to have water to transmit electricity. So that’s where a negative charge comes from. That’s the part where the water story’s vague. Let me ask you a question Melissa what swims in water?

Melissa: Fish.

Jack: And now you know why Doctor Kruse’s prescription is called the epi-paleo prescription. Water and seafood are the two fastest way for you to recapitulate your mammalian battery. The higher the charge is you become leptin sensitive. What does that mean? In other words you are paying attention to light cycles where before when your battery’s really low you can’t tell day from night. And that’s the key. See when you can’t tell day from night, you can’t control carbon flows from foods. And that’s when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Melissa: Got it. Got it. Now how can someone apply this? I know I can hear this question coming. How can someone particularly with circadian rhythm if you have certain hours that you, and like yourself you are exposed to intense light different hours from your surgery schedule I’m sure but…

Jack: I realized that my environment that I allow was my single biggest problem.

Melissa: Right.

Jack: And you have to realize as a neurosurgeon, you know especially when I’m on call. When I’m on call is what I do is I’m assaulting my biology the worst. So do I do extraordinary things days that I’m on call? Yes. And see in the beginning when I was 360 pounds, I had to do many more serious things than I do now. Why? Because my redox potential now. My battery now is way better than it was ten years ago. So I tell everybody start where you are now. Don’t worry about it if you’re 360. Realize that. Enjoy this process and enjoy the journey because the cool thing is it’s going to work. Because it’s radically different than anything else you’ve ever heard of. I would tell people that the simplest way to do this turn the TV, turn the computer, turn the iPhone off and if you can’t, for whatever reason even if you don’t want to, buy yourself amber glasses that block the blue light frequencies. You can buy them in home depot for ten bucks.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah.

Jack: You’ve probably seen tractors at your house where those walled amber glasses.

Melissa: (00:15:00) blockers in the, sometimes they use them for power tools and stuff.

Jack: Right. I even have, you know…

Melissa: I think I have a case of those.

Jack: I have a screen on my phone that blocks the blue light but here’s the (00:15:12) thing, on your computer, if you’re a computer person at night, they make a free program that anybody can get. It’s called f.lux. L-U-X. Download it. Put it on your computer. It sets up to when the sun sets. It puts an amber screen right on your computer to block it out. So there’s a lot of things you can do. But light is a big one to control and that’s what leptin prescription’s built around and that’s why some of the rules that we went over earlier you notice that I told you, you need to eat when that sun cycle comes up. The other thing when you read the blog in more detail, you’ll see that I want you to go outside and let the sun, specifically the sun hit you, not behind the window, not behind the glasses. And it’s even better if you can expose as much of your skin to that. You only have to do that for probably 1 to 3 minutes. That sets the circadian signal in your brain. That’s how it works.

Melissa: And that puts you back to what will actually get leptin working correctly again.

Jack: Right. Leptin has to work properly with light. And that’s what people don’t actually realize. It’s the light and dark cycles. I’m going to take you back to what I said earlier. Think about biology way simpler than most people do. You are the most complex animal on this planet. But most of you know that a tree is alive just as you are. (00:16:26)

Melissa: The tree analogy is a pretty cool one, I must say.

Jack: Well it’s simple. Does a tree have to eat? No. How does it get its nutrients? Very simply from the sun and from CO2. What does the sunlight do? It takes a golf club swing, knock some oxygen out and creates wood and then creates the leaves. The key thing in the leaves is nitrogen, 4 nitrogen atom sit around a magnesium atom. And that steals electrons from the sun. That’s actually where the energy. That’s the battery for a plant. The reason a plant does not have to eat and why you do? You also know the answer to that easily. A plant or a tree is a hundred percent connected into the ground. We’re not. We’re designed to move across the earth. And because we move across the earth that means we can disconnect from both the sun and the earth’s magnetic field. So when you’re able to disconnect from your ultimate power source, what do you have to do to supplement it?

You have to eat. So that means the more you live a disconnected life compared to a tree it means the more leptin resistant you become. So what the leptin prescription really is trying to teach you is how to become a more connected human being and it tries to do it pretty slick because I’m not really telling you really how it works, I’m just going to give you 6 simple steps to follow because most people, especially when they’re ill when they have a lot of positive charge in their body, they don’t think well. So if you can make this really simple in the beginning when people start to collect all those good things and see food in their brain and thinking improves, then you start going to my other blogs where it says okay how does the leptin prescription work? And what’s the next step after the leptin prescription? How do we use cold? Why is water important? All the things that you can build on but the real big factor instead of loading your plate up in the beginning with a bunch of things that may overwhelm you start where you are now, start with the leptin prescription and then move forward.

Melissa: Wait. Now seafood gives you the biggest bang for your book but can you, if you start with a lot of seafood and water as you say are the two key elements, can you branch out from there to like other healthy meats and things like that?

Jack: Well you can but let’s give people a real…

Melissa: A chance.

Jack: Let’s give them a good lesson here. What’s really, I mean most people know the paleo diet is pretty popular, what’s the real benefit of the paleo diet, do you know? What do cows eat? Grass. What’s in grass? DHA. Fishoil.

Melissa: True, yeah. Yeah.

Jack: People don’t realize that. You want to know the real benefit of the paleo diet? It’s right there. Now I want you to compare a cow to say an oyster. Which one do you think has more DHA in it? It’s not close.

Melissa: Yeah it’s not close. It’s the oyster.

Jack: So guess why I’m going to tell you that if you’re sick, if you’re 360 pounds, does it make more sense to eat a cow or does it make more sense to maybe eat a lot of oysters.

Melissa: Got it.

Jack: There is the key. And what is special like what is the special sauce in DHA? What makes it so incredibly powerful for the epi-paleo prescription but also the paleo prescription? It’s because it allows you to turn sunlight into an electric current. Hey look at that Melissa we’re back at that story about negativity upsetting our positivity, aren’t we?

Melissa: We are. Right.

Jack: And when you really want to dig into the science, here’s the key metric that every one of your listeners should know, when DHA showed up on this planet it didn’t occur until oxygen was in the environment. That occurred six hundred million years ago. Here’s the key; do you know that not one time in evolutionary history in six hundred million years has that chemical ever been replaced in the central or peripheral nervous system of any animal on this planet. Now I want you to think about that for a minute. That’s six hundred million years. You know that evolution is a story of what constant change. And yet this lipid has never been changed once. Why? Here we get into the deep dive into physics.

Melissa: We’re going deep, yup?

Jack: No, I’m not going to go too deep. All I’m going to tell you is that DHA, in terms of its atomic lattice, the things that make it up, it’s made up out of 22 carbons with double bonds in between each one. It has the ability to take sunlight and turn it directly into a DC electric current. That current gets deposited into your cell water. So let’s think about the analogy we used before about the tree. Doesn’t the tree do the same process? But everybody listening to this learned this in third grade. It’s called photosynthesis.

Melissa: Right.

Jack: Well it turns out in us, we have the same battery the tree has. We have a photosynthetic battery in us but we augment our battery with DHA. And what does that allow us to do? It allows us to make a far more electric current in all over ourselves and that is why we’re able to build the complexity in humans that a tree doesn’t have. I mean I think most people listening to this know that a tree and you and I are alive but the main differentiation factor is that a tree is pretty simple and we’re pretty complex. And the reason we’re complex is because we have a lot more negative charge is because of how our battery is built.

Melissa: Got it. Yeah. It’ so fascinating having heard you speak as I’ve said a few times and read some of your blog post, a lot of your blog post it’s fascinating to dive into the science even though I’m not a science person but one of the questions that’s going to come up and people would want to know what you did for yourself. I already know the answer but I’ll ask it anyway just so we can hear your views on it. I know a lot of people are going to say well what sort of other than the little bit of exercise, walking and some squats in the evening to help sleep what other exercise should I do?

Jack: Melissa just so we’re clear I didn’t do any exercise for the first eleven months.

Melissa: Right. I have read that.

Jack: Got it? Not one. What did I do? I did the leptin prescription and simultaneously I also did my cool thermogenesis protocol.

Melissa: Right.

Jack: And most people can read that. That’s also a blog post. I did these two things together. And what cold does it actually, I don’t want to say replaces exercise but it simulates about chemically the signals in a cell that exercise induces. And what does it fundamentally do? I can make it very simple for you to understand. It allows you to carry more oxygen thereby more electrons, more negative charge in a cell. And what did we say earlier? If you have an -itus, you have an inflammation. What do you need to offset a positive charge? A negative one. That’s really how cold works. And you know in my day job as a neurosurgeon I think most people know that when someone gets a traumatic brain injury, what do we do? (00:22:46) help them get well, we use cold.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah.

Jack: And that’s why that part of the equation for me was very very simple but I’ll be the first one to admit to you that did I fundamentally know about the physics of cold when I first came up with this CT protocol? Absolutely not. I knew a lot but I didn’t know the details that I know now, actually how it works at a very fundamental level in terms of how it changes the density in water and how it changes hydrogen bonding networks. When you’re first starting out, like listening to this podcast, none of that is important to you. You know what’s important to you is when it’s cold out in the winter wherever you are, embrace the cold. In other words don’t be like most other zoo animals which I call humans.

Where (00:23:30) and put clothes on and hats and this and that. Because if you think about this all wild animals, I mean do you see wolves cruising around Yellowstone Park in a parker and a hat in the middle of January in the northern hemisphere? No. We’re the only mammal that controls its own environment, we don’t live by it. And the thing is here’s the irony; we don’t think there’s a biologic pull for that. But I got some bad news for you guys, it is. And what cold fundamentally does it empties our fat cells so that our mitochondria can burn them. Though if you’re a fat person and you just heard what I said, yes cold is the prescription for emptying your fat cells and if you think that Doctor Kruse is actually crazy, I’ll tell you to stop right now at the podcast and go look up at something called CoolSculpting or Zeltiq. And that’s something that plastic surgeons are paying…

Melissa: Or using.

Jack: That’s right. They’re getting women and men to pay 2000 dollars for an hour treatment to basically eliminate fat from their cells while I’m going to teach you in the CT protocol how to do it for probably about a dollar a day. In your bathtub, utilizing ice that you can get. And when you start to see the effects of this, you’ll probably do what I did in the beginning. You’ll go out and buy a commercial create-ice machine…

Melissa: Ice bath. Right.

Jack: Exactly. That’s what I did…

Melissa: Like the football players have.

Jack: Right. You asked me how I started in the beginning. I started eating a boat load of seafood, a ton of protein, and I started embracing the cold. These are all things that literally the day before I thought about this, I would have thought it was absolutely psychotic. And you know this is the scientist in me comes up. It’s the mark of an educated mind to take something you fundamentally don’t believe and examine it for yourself and then decide is this something that’s potentially can help me to improve my former self. I mean when I look in the mirror, I knew what I was. And when I started to see how the leptin prescription and cold can help me, I started to think almost every night I went to bed, I went and thought about how I can improve on where I was at that particular moment. In other words it brought me to that moment. And I got this passion that I wanted to improve my former self slowly and steadily and that’s what your listeners need to understand. Don’t think that you’re going to lose a hundred pounds in 3 months. I was fortunate. I won the blues and 77 pounds in 3 months and a hundred and thirty three pounds the first 11 months without doing any exercise. And the irony for me is I got hurt. What was my wake up call, I gave a spine talk and just stood up and told my (00:26:03) for doing that. And that’s how this whole process started for me. Then I became what we would call the ultimate biohacker. And what a biohack is for those of you who don’t know is basically doing soft experiments on yourself.

I started to realize that the only way that I could erase the beliefs that I got in medical school and residency was to test my beliefs. And that’s what brought me to my present moment in my present self. I had to be able to let go of what I was to become what I could be. And what I basically tell people now is that addition by subtraction is how biohacks really work. And they basically allow us to create an environment where we can supersede what most experts will tell you is possible. I don’t tell anybody anything’s possible anymore. I take things now that I think are completely on the fringe and I create a biohack myself to test my beliefs to rewrite my blueprint. And the reason why I do that and I’ll share this with you is very simple, I was taught that everything in med school is based on genes and our DNA. And what have we found out? We out that epigenetics in other words the software program that runs the DNA…

Melissa: Right.

Jack: … is a hundred percent the story. So that’s when I started to realize you know what? Instead of looking inside myself for my defect I started to look at my environment anytime something went south in me and I biohack that. And guess what I found. It turns out light and cold were the key. And that’s when I started to realize you know what? Circadian biology is the reason why diet books fail. Because they never talk about those aspects. So then I decided okay I have to come up with something in terms of a biohack and to be honest with you the leptin prescription really was the first biohack I did, CT protocol was biohack number 2. And we’ve already talked about how they work.

Melissa: Yeah.

Jack: The cool thing was I started doing it on a lot of my patients because they started asking me questions like doc how did you lose all these weight? Did you have surgery? I was like when can I have surgery on myself. I’ve been operating on all you guys for the last year or so and then questions started coming up in the hospital and I started telling people look if I told you the truth, you would think I was crazy. And then eventually one of my gastroenterologist who is in my hospital, he started to send me patients who are non-neuro surgery patients who he couldn’t get well with some really unusual gastrointestinal problems and everybody started getting better. And that’s when he came up to me and this happened about 5, 6 years ago. He said Jack you’ve got to stop what you’re doing and put this information out there for people to digest for themselves because clearly we’ve got a lot wrong in medicine. And I thought long and hard about it because it is a very big step to put yourself out in the internet especially as a physician and…

Melissa: For sure.

Jack: One of the things that made me, that really changed my mind and it’s something, you know I haven’t thought about this in a long time so you’re bringing me back to a pretty (00:29:03). Fear doesn’t shut you down. It actually wakes you up. And I became a very awake in-the-moment kind of surgeon and person at that time. And I also realized that I had to stop being afraid because there’s no excellence uncoupled from difficulties. You have to really really be okay with that. And I decided that it was okay. I had to act like a turtle and stick my neck out in order to become the doctor and the person I wanted to become. And I said, you know people can do what they want with this advice I mean how radical it is to tell somebody to pay attention to the light and dark cycles, turn technology off, and eat seafood, and drink a lot of water.

I mean that’s not crazy talk. That’s actually pretty simple. And Don who is the doc who speared me on to do this basically said plant the seed Jack, cultivate it and watch it take a root and grow. He’s just like a guard because ideas are just like plants that grow in the garden. And a paradigm shift just needs a little bit of cultivation to take hold. And that’s kind of how it was so I guess you could say that my blog, to put it out there and all the things I do in social media is the whole, the turtle. He makes some progress only when he sticks his neck out. So that’s why I stuck my neck out.

Melissa: Yeah. And people we’re going to put links to all your properties, your web properties, websites and stuff, because there’s a ton of free information and helpful guides and all kinds of stuff that people can get there. But I wanted to ask you for a short list of books before we ran out of time that people should read, that you would recommend to help them change their health.

Jack: Yeah. That’s a great question. It’s probably one of my favorite ones we’ve talked about today. Write this one down. The first one since we didn’t talk a lot about water you buy Gerald Pollack P-O-L-L-A-C-K his book called The Fourth Phase of Water. You absolutely must buy this book and read it. It’s written for a third grader. When you read it, you’ll be shocked. I would say the second book for those of you who don’t realize how incredibly important technology is ruining our biology, the name of the book is Going Somewhere written by Doctor Andrew Marino.

I’m not going to get into what’s in the book but it’s incredibly important. The next one I think will blow people’s minds it’s called Light Sculpting Life and it’s written by a gentleman named Roeland Van Wijk and I’ll spell his name R-O-E-L-A-N-D Van V-A-N Wijk is W-I-J-K. And the last one, this is when you’ve read all the other three and you want to take a step into the deep pool. The deep pool book is called Life at the Edge. It’s all about quantum biology. And that book is written by a gentleman who is a quantum physicist. His name is Jim Al Khalili and Jim is simple, Al is spelled A-L. His last name is K-H-A-L-I-L-I. And the other thing I would tell you about him he’s got a three-part documentary series on Youtube that you can find.

Watch the videos before you read the book. And I promise you when you read the book, that’s when you’re ready for Jack Kruse. Because I will take and explain it to you but you have to realize most of this stuff that I’ve written on the blog when you go back and read some of the old stuff, I’ve been telling people what’s in his book for ten years. And the thing is when you’re the only guy out there in the beginning saying it it’s really, really, really easy to call somebody mad or crazy but this is kind of what I would say, I want to be careful when I say this because I don’t want to come off sounding badly but this is a very powerful statement; an ignorant man’s report of what a wise man says can never be fully accurate because he consciously translates what he hears into something only he understands. And the reason I say that is when you don’t understand my perspective, you’re going to think that many of the things that you hear from me don’t make sense. And that should be a good thing because when you’re obese and you’re trying to transform and you’ve been to 500 doctors who keep telling you the same stupid advice and it doesn’t work, I mean listen, I can tell you as a fat doctor, I knew the advice didn’t work. That’s when I decided to look at the problem differently. And I started to realize that you have to erase the bliss that on your head. And when someone tells you that it’s not about food, it’s really not about exercise, it’s about light and dark, it’s about physics, that’s going to shock people. But I promise you if you stick with me, not only will I prove it to you, you will absolutely change your life.

Melissa: Yeah and you’ve got amazing results for yourself but also many of the people that are in your like your Facebook group and people that are in your forums.

Jack: Just follow my forum.

Melissa: (00:33:50) your online community. We’ve talked about that earlier. About the people who’ve had amazing recovery from health issues and inside your groups there. But before I let you go, I know we’re running out of time here, where can people find you online? And I know you have something, a cruise coming up I think next month. We’re recording here right before June of 2015. So I want you to tell people about those two things.

Jack: Yeah. Well the easiest way to cut through the first probably two and a half years of the blog, let me tell you go to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. I wrote a book called The Epi-paleo prescription and the prescription part is R-X. I’ve been telling you read all the reviews on it. My website is www.jackkruse spelled K-R-U-S-E .com and as part of the website there’s a forum. I promise you the forum has more gold nuggets in it than you can imagine. I also have a membership part.

I would tell you that 99% of what I do is free but if what you hear is something that you’re interested in, the membership every month I do a webinar on a different topic and the Q and As are usually epics. You’re actually able to call in with me live and ask me any question you want. You can follow me on Twitter at doctorjackkruse. I answer almost every question that I get pose. If the question is completely psychotic, I probably won’t do that. But I also have a doctor Facebook page. That’s my open forum. Anybody listening to this podcast can go look at my doctor Facebook page and you will be shocked at a level of the discussions and the things that I post.

Melissa: Yeah it’s pretty busy in there. I saw a lot of junior biohackers in there, too.

Jack: And then there’s a quantum health group that you actually have to be friends with someone in our community and actually get to it because it’s what I call, it’s probably the PhD class (00:35:43). It’s really high level stuff. And I would tell the beginners, I’m not telling you don’t get into it, I would tell you get into it and just read what people are posting and you’ll start to put things together really really quickly. The books we talked about, I’m telling you I’m a big believer and the only way you’re going to change your paradigm is to realize what stone you haven’t unturned yet and you’re going to see a world of biology with those books that I gave you that will absolutely blow your mind. And I promise you, you give yourself one year of swimming in this pool and you are going to come out on the other end and just go wow!

Melissa: Yeah. Like I’ve said you’ve got the results to prove it. And I think one of the biggest steps that you should just reiterate is for people to change the way they think about the topic and their own health. And that’s what I’m all about is changing the way you think about it because then you can have a different perspective and find some solutions that actually work. It’s been…

Jack: Listen. This is the way to look at it; smart is what you learn from others but wise is what you learn from your own errors. And everybody who’s probably listening to this is listening to this because let’s face it, all of us have made errors. The key thing that I’m trying to teach all of you is how to think better and how to think and focus in on the things that matter and start subtracting the things that don’t because when you do that, you build intelligence and you start to realize that intelligence is knowing the right answer and where to look for it and then you’re going to find that wisdom is knowing when to apply it and use it.

Melissa: Good advice. Stellar advice. Well it’s been a great pleasure to have you on Doctor Kruse and I hope that you’ll come back in the future if you can get time. I know you’re super busy on the speaking circuit and going to the conferences in your own cruise as I said that…

Jack: Cruise is coming up on June twenty first. It’s open for members but I also have a big Voice and Exit talk to do live in Austin the day before the cruise. So that’s going to be kind of interesting.

Melissa: Cool. Now is that open to the public, the Austin talk?

Jack: Yeah, the Voice and Exit one they’re selling tickets that’s in Austin, Texas. For those of you who don’t know about it, I think most people know about Ted Talks. I actually did a Ted Talk that was so controversial it got pulled which I consider is a badge of honor.

Melissa: Yes.

Jack: But you know Melissa you heard me talk a day (00:38:01).

Melissa: I did, yes.

Jack: You know what a live event is. I personally think live events when you want to get a flavor of really what I’m talking about, they are phenomenal. And what I’m going to be talking about at the Voice and Exit talk is going to be honest style one. Basically just imagine taking a Ted Talk, a Metallica concert, and probably a light show from Pink Floyd and mixing it all together. And I’m going to be teaching people how to relax in your head fundamentally works utilizing seafood and light.

Melissa: Cool. I wish I could go but other obligations restrict. But I want to say that, just to put this in so that if people do have the chance to go to that or have a chance to see you speak live, that you are extremely generous with discussions and questions afterwards and we were just talking…

Jack: The only reason Melissa is saying that is because she knows it went 12 hours when I was in (00:38:53)

Melissa: I couldn’t even break through the fan base there but it’s pretty lively. I mean people question you, you discuss. You don’t just wave your hand and jump offstage and run into the green room or something. You engage in discussion and talk about viewpoints and stuff. It’s a very interactive kind of situation. So you’re available…

Jack: That’s the way we’re going to learn. Let’s face it.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah.

Jack: When people are motivated to change their life, then I’m motivated to help you. If you want to live your life like an ostrich and keep your head in the ground, that’s really, you’re not going anywhere with that.

Melissa: Right. Right.

Jack: You need to realize that you have to embrace your fear. I tell people this all time, embrace being uncomfortable, embrace your discomfort because that’s what wakes you up.

Melissa: Yeah and I think people getting the chance to ask you questions or question some of the points you’ve made and stuff, again it helps them to build up a different way of thinking. And as we talked about before we got started here today about questioning, I don’t want you to keep going too long here but about their own doctors and their own recommendations they’ve been receiving because they can now have a different perspective of looking at things. So it puts you on a path to…

Jack: Yeah, I mean…

Melissa: It puts you on the right path.

Jack: Yeah, I would tell you, I would tell anybody who’s listening to this; look up a girl on my forum named Gretchen. That’s who Melissa and I are talking about before we came on. Ask her questions. She basically used my information from the site, brought it to her doctor because she was frustrated because the doctor didn’t know how to help her. And I told, I actually scolded one of my members. This will show you just how I am. I scolded her and said Gretchen, you have to create the doctor you want. I said you have to realize when I started all this out, I was as dumb as any other doctor. Why? Because you guys kind of realize as patients we don’t learn this stuff. I didn’t learn any physics.

I didn’t learn anything about leptin. So I had to start from the beginning and I said Gretchen, you already know more than most people. Now you need to share that information with your doctor and create the doctor you want. Five years later and if you’ve talked to Gretchen, I think each one of you will have a completely different perspective about how to deal with that doctor that you want to strangle.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Alright Doctor Kruse. I won’t keep you anymore. So thanks so much for coming on and I look forward to talking to you yet in the future.

Jack: Alright. Take care Melissa. It’s great speaking with you.

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