Episode #43 Estrogen Dominance; A Problem For Women, Men and Children

Episode #43 Understanding Estrogen Dominance And How To Prevent Hormonal ImbalanceEvery single day, you get exposed to a hundred thousand chemicals and substances in the environment and many more from beauty products that  can cause hormonal imbalance within your body. What is Estrogen and just why do you have to worry about it?

Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones that work together hand in hand to maintain balance in your body. Once there is too much Estrogen, Estrogen dominance issues develop which can be underlying symptoms for  adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue may come along with metabolic issues resulting to weight gain and other health disorders. This can happen to men and women, particularly those who have improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

Get to know more about Estrogen dominance and its effects on your health with our guest, Wendy Myers, a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is the founder, head writer and Chief Eating Officer of Live to 110.com  in Los Angeles, Ca. Wendy is also certified in Hair Mineral Analysis which can be helpful in determining toxic exposure in the body.

Highlights in this episode:

What is Estrogen Dominance? Why 50%  women over 35 have Estrogen Dominance?
Copper and other metallic Estrogens and toxins in your body.
Men suffering from adrenal fatigue and children born with Estrogen dominance.
Common indications for having hormonal imbalance.
Hair analysis and other tests used for Estrogen Dominance diagnosis.
What increases and lowers Estrogen levels.
Help to metabolize the excess Estrogen in your body by having a healthy liver.
Don’t ever take unopposed Estrogen: The Estrogen has to be coupled with progesterone.
NO to hormone replacement therapies: Fix the underlying symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
Beauty products that can contribute to Estrogen dominance and problems.

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