Best Fat Loss Diet For Women – A Case For Consuming (Healthy) Fats

For years, fat has been demonized in the public’s eyes, with many health experts listing several adverse effects. However, these pronouncements have been deemed to be impartially true.


According to a study released by the Harvard School of Public Health, the fixation with a low-fat, high-starch diet has proven to be ineffective both for weight loss and curbing diseases like cancer and heart diseases.


The effects of eliminating fat from your diet


But apart from the ineffectiveness of low-fat, high-starch diets in terms of delivering on its promises, eliminating fat from one’s diet can also lead to several adverse side effects.


For one, people who eliminate fat from their diet have a difficult time feeling full no matter how many food items they consume. It is also not unusual for people who go for a low-fat diet to have dry skin. Fat is crucial for lubricating several body parts as well as keeping the skin moisturized. Additionally, fat helps regulate body temperature. If your body has a low fat composition, you are most likely to feel cold most of the time.


Having a difficult time concentrating on tasks at home or at school? Again, you may need to add fats to your diet, particularly essential fatty acids which boost mental energy.


Another tell-tale sign that your body hungers for fat, particularly among women, is the change in your menstrual cycle. Fat is essential for supporting pregnancy and its absence affects your normal menstrual cycle to reflect this deficiency.


The best fat loss diet for women


Another notable idea mentioned in the Harvard School of Public Health Study is the idea of replacing the type of fat consumed instead of totally banishing this from one’s diet. The study recommends entirely avoiding food with trans and saturated fats.


But what should you eat to lose weight and ensure long-term health and wellness? For these goals, it is worthwhile to look into the Paleo diet.


The Paleo Diet has been developed by taking into account research from numerous fields including biology and biochemistry.


In the Paleo Diet, the focus is on consuming lean proteins, fruits and veggies and even healthy fats. Healthy fats can be found in nuts and seeds, olive oil, fish oil, fruits like avocados and grass-fed meats. In this diet, grains, dairy, legumes, starches and processed food are to be avoided.


Apart from weight loss, the Paleo Diet offers several unique advantages over other types of diets. People who have embraced the Paleo Diet have reported the benefits of blood sugar stability, reduction of allergies, balanced energy, improved sleep and even better athletic performance.


Many studies also suggest that this diet may be effective against diabetes, autoimmunity and cardiovascular disease.

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