How To Lose Weight By Creatively Altering Your Food Choices

Most people today have a specific weight in mind that they want to reach. A lot of times, the ideal weight is anywhere between five to 10 pounds less than their current weight – and there’s a bounty of diet programs that promise such weight loss in a short period of time. In Asia, particularly, where most women strive for a size 2 or down to 0, there are many diet programs to choose from, and some can be quite outrageous and unhealthy. There’s the “lettuce diet,” wherein only different types of lettuce are eaten within a week or so, or the one-meal diet wherein a person only eats one full meal a day, and so many others which require fierce self-control that, luckily (or not), a lot of Asian women are blessed with. Sadly, though, while these diets effectively help women lose 10 pounds easily, there are so many negative side effects that pop up after strictly complying with them.

For those who want to know how to lose weight in a safe and effective manner, altering food choices and changing portion sizes do help, but both of these should be done the healthy way. Sticking to just one type of food is never healthy because a lot of the nutrients the body needs are not provided; likewise, it’s unnecessary because the right combination of smart ingredients can yield the same weight loss effect. For example, staying away from starchy vegetables like potatoes, or refraining from consuming too many dried and fresh fruits, can significantly contribute to weight loss.

Another good strategy to employ in promoting weight loss is to steer clear of unsaturated fats or oils for cooking because they burn really quickly. Instead, opt for coconut oil, which is 92 percent saturated fat that’s stable under heat and solid at room temperature. Coconut oil is very healthy and can help promote better waste elimination; it has lauric acid, which is a rare fatty acid (a medium chain fatty acid) believed to be the easiest kind to digest.

And lastly, make sure to choose organic proteins (eggs, meats and fish) and pair them with an assortment of vegetables for meals instead of carbohydrates like bread (be they wheat or the regular kind), potatoes, and corn. This proper combination is known to help people reach their target weight much faster because it’s easier to digest. It’s also worth noting that proteins are vital building blocks for muscle development (especially for folks who are also working out to shed extra pounds), and if paired with nutrient- and color-rich vegetables, they work more effectively in keeping the body lean and strong.

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